Registered Nurses: Don’t Let Your License Lapse

Under RC 4723.24, if a nursing license is not timely renewed, the license lapses on the first day of November of the renewal year. Registered nurses must renew their licenses on odd-numbered years. Therefore, if you do not renew your RN license by October 31, 2017, it will lapse. Practicing nursing on a lapsed license is a disciplinable offense.

After you file your license renewal, it is recommended that you verify before October 31, 2017 that your license has been renewed by the Nursing Board. Verify your license renewal at:

RC 4723.03(A) provides that no person may practice as a registered nurse, represent themselves as being a registered nurse, or use the title “registered nurse”, the initials “R.N.”, or any other title implying that the person is a registered nurse, for a fee, salary, or other consideration without holding a current, valid license.

RC 4723.28(B)(2) provides that the Board of Nursing may discipline a nurse if they engage in the practice of nursing, having failed to renew a nursing license.

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Ohio RNs – License Renewal Time!

On July 1, 2017, the renewal window opened for registered nurses in Ohio.  The sooner you renew, the better.

 Cost and Timing:

Prior to September 15, 2017, the fee to renew your RN license is $65.00.  An RN Renewal Application filed after September 15, 2017 will also include a $50.00 late fee.  The RN license renewal window closes October 31, 2017.  After October 31, 2017, your RN license is considered by the Ohio Board of Nursing (“Nursing Board”) to have lapsed and you are unauthorized to practice nursing in Ohio until reinstated. 

For instructions on renewing your RN license and to review the questions in the RN Renewal Application go to:

 When you are ready to renew your RN license, go to:

Questions on the RN Renewal Application:

The RN Renewal Application includes, but is not limited to, questions concerning your employment, residency status, Social Security number, criminal matters, medical or mental health matters, and substance abuse matters.  You are required to answer all questions on the RN Renewal Application truthfully and accurately.  Additionally, there are certain instances where you are required to upload with your RN Renewal Application specific documents and a written statement explaining your response to a particular question(s) in the RN Renewal Application.

 Based on the response(s) in your RN Renewal Application, the Nursing Board may open an investigation.  If an investigation is opened, you may be contacted by a Nursing Board investigator by phone or email requesting additional information or documentation concerning your response(s). 

If you do not understand a particular question(s) in the RN Renewal Application, or do not know what additional information to submit to the Nursing Board in support of your RN Renewal Application, it is recommended to obtain experienced legal counsel to assist you with preparation of your response or before speaking with a Nursing Board investigator. 

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