Registered Nurses: Don’t Let Your License Lapse

Under RC 4723.24, if a nursing license is not timely renewed, the license lapses on the first day of November of the renewal year. Registered nurses must renew their licenses on odd-numbered years. Therefore, if you do not renew your RN license by October 31, 2017, it will lapse. Practicing nursing on a lapsed license is a disciplinable offense.

After you file your license renewal, it is recommended that you verify before October 31, 2017 that your license has been renewed by the Nursing Board. Verify your license renewal at:

RC 4723.03(A) provides that no person may practice as a registered nurse, represent themselves as being a registered nurse, or use the title “registered nurse”, the initials “R.N.”, or any other title implying that the person is a registered nurse, for a fee, salary, or other consideration without holding a current, valid license.

RC 4723.28(B)(2) provides that the Board of Nursing may discipline a nurse if they engage in the practice of nursing, having failed to renew a nursing license.

As always, if you have a question about this post or the Ohio Board of Nursing in general, please feel free to contact one of the attorneys at the Collis Law Group, LLC at 614-486-3909 or email me at

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