Disclosures to the Ohio Board of Nursing

There are certain matters which must be disclosed to the Ohio Board of Nursing (“Board”) by a nurse license applicant or a nurse who is renewing their license.
The Board’s nurse license application and renewal application includes, but is not limited to, questions concerning felonies, certain misdemeanors, incompetency, professional licensure actions or investigations, mental illness, and substance abuse.
If the reply to any of the questions in the nurse license or renewal application is “yes”, then a disclosure is required. The applicant or nurse in renewal must mark “yes” to any applicable question and provide the Board a written statement of the circumstances underlying the “yes” reply and, for Court matters, Certified copies of certain court documents.
The Board is authorized to take disciplinary action against an applicant or licensee for any of the matters in Ohio Revised Code Section 4723.28. The sanction, if any, the Nursing Board imposes will depend on the individual facts and circumstances of the disclosed matter. Whether the applicant or nurse has other convictions, the acts underlying the offense, how long ago the offense occurred, and whether restitution or probationary terms were completed are typically also evaluated by the Board.

Except for certain limited instances, self-reporting criminal convictions prior to renewal is not required. However, criminal convictions are reported by the Court to the Board and it is recommended that a nurse consult with legal counsel to determine if it is in the nurse’s interest to self-report a conviction prior to renewal.
It is recommended to consult with legal counsel familiar with Board matters to determine if disclosure of a particular matter is required in an initial or renewal application and, if so, what information is required or recommended to be provided to the Board.
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It’s That Time Again (RN licensure renewal)

Has it really been two years already? Yes! It is time to renew your RN and APRN licenses!

If you renew before July 1st, the renewal fee is $65.00. If you renew between, July 1st-August 31st, the renewal fee is $115.00. After August 31st, your license is deemed lapsed and you must request, complete, and submit a Reinstatement Application from the Board.

Many RNs who submit their renewal application before the final deadline are concerned that their license will not be renewed before August 31st and that they will not be able to work. This is not the case. As long as you renew your license prior to August 31 the Nursing Board will renew your license and will not allow your license to lapse.

Many Nurses are also concerned that their license will not be renewed by the Board in a timely manner if they answer “Yes” to any of the compliance questions on the renewal application. However, a “Yes” response to any of the questions on the renewal application will not prevent the Nursing Board from timely renewing your nursing license. It is imperative that you answer all renewal questions honestly and accurately. Providing the Board with false information my lead to the Board taking a disciplinary action against you.

However, all renewal applications that include YES responses to questions related to your conduct since the last renewal (such as convictions, DUI, etc) will result on your license being sent to the Compliance Unit of the Nursing Board for further review and investigation. Then, even if your license is renewed, this does not mean that the Nursing Board has closed the investigation.

If the Board chooses to open an investigation based on any of your affirmative responses on the renewal application, you may be notified by a Board investigator by phone or mail to provide further information or documentation to the Board.

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