What part of NO ALCOHOL don’t you understand?

I am reposting this blog from 2012 as nurses routinely test positive on random drug tests after consuming alcohol at parties or in cold products. No alcohol, means NO ALCOHOL. Please do not consume any products with alcohol.

Ohio Legal Counsel to Professionals

Nurses who suffer from substance abuse or substance addiction and who are monitored by the Ohio Board of Nursing in either the confidential Alternative Program for Chemically Dependent Nurses Program or pursuant to a Consent Agreement or other public disciplinary action, are typically required to submit to random (often observed) toxicology drug screens. The screens will detect not only alcohol content in the body but can even detect the metabolites of alcohol (evidence that the body is processing or breaking down alcohol). The tests are very sensitive virtually any consumption or exposure to alcohol  in the 3-4 days proceeding such consumption or exposure will be detected.

Prior to initiating the screening process, nurses are advised that they may not consume any alcohol or any substances that may contain alcohol. They are clearly warned to not consume any alcohol, including: beer, wine, liquor, “non-alcoholic” beers and cooking wines. They are also warned to stay away from topical ointments that may…

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Dinsmore attorneys guide Ohio health care organizations and physicians through transactional, operational, license defense and courtroom hurdles. Beth and Todd Collis are both respected in defending professionals before the State Medical Board of Ohio, Ohio Board of Nursing and other licensing boards.

3 thoughts on “What part of NO ALCOHOL don’t you understand?

  1. I have talked to you a few times in the past about getting my nursing license back but I am still on medication assisted treatment( suboxone for opiate addiction), Can I still get back my LPN LICENSE and continue being prescribed the suboxone? I have lost 3 years clean and really want I get back to the passionate and living career I once had and adored!!!

    • Yes. It is my understanding that even if you are receiving Suboxone treatment the Nursing Board will negotiate terms to have your license reinstated. You will need to stay alcohol free and may only ingest medications that have been prescribed to you by physicians who are fully aware of your medical history.

  2. Wow because I’ve been clean almost three years in January and am still being prescribed suboxone and am ready to move forward to what ever intakes to get my life back which means getting my license back first!!!

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