Yes, you must disclose your DUI on your nursing license renewal form

This spring, all LPNs will renew their licenses in Ohio. To renew your license, you should have been sent information by mail that will allow you to renew your license on-line. If you have not received renewal information, you can contact the Nursing Board at and you will be mailed a paper renewal form.  All renewals must be submitted by the deadline (June 30) to avoid a late fee. For renewal instructions go to:

On the renewal form, you will be asked a series of questions. One question that seems to concern many nurses that I am routinely asked about is the following question:

Yes or no. Do you have a  “misdemeanor in Ohio, another state, commonwealth, territory, province or country. This does not include traffic violations unless they are DUI/OVI. (Ohio Board of Nursing 2012 Renewal application, emphasis add)

If you have a DUI, even if it was reduced to a reckless operation of a vehicle, you must check YES. Even if your case has been sealed or expunged or is in another state,  … you need to check YES. A DUI or reckless operation charge is a misdemeanor and is not a simple traffic violation. Traffic violations that do not typically have to be disclosed are things like “rolling a stop sign” or “going 45 in a 35 mph zone”. However, any DUI/OVI related traffic violation should be disclosed to the Nursing Board at the time of renewal.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor DUI or alcohol related reckless operation of a vehicle, the Board has the authority to take a disciplinary action, including suspending your nursing license, placing your license on probation,  or placing a restriction on your license.

As always, if you have any questions about this post or about the Ohio Board of Nursing in general, feel free to contact me at 614-486-3909 or email me at

8 thoughts on “Yes, you must disclose your DUI on your nursing license renewal form

  1. Hello. One of best friends is an Ohio RN, an excellent one and great nurse. However, this year, between February and May, 2012 she got 2 DUI convictions, the first .08 blood breathylzer, the second .24 blood alcohol test, as she hit a tree and broke her neck, being medically transported by helicopter to trauma I center. When renewing her license as an RN in 2013, how serious will these offenses be, and do you recommend she retain counsel before submitting renewal to board? She tells me these are not going to affect her license, I have read differently and want to help her.

    • If a nurse has two previous DUIs and she is renewing her license, she can expect to have the Board of Nursing open an investigation. It is likely that the Board will impose a sanction or discipline on her license. Whenever a professional is renewing their license with prior criminal actions to disclose I always recommend that they seek legal counsel.

  2. I have some “driving under suspension” convictions that occurred because I was randomly selected by BMV and did not have insurance. I continued to drive because I worked outside of my home city, and had no other transportation to work. I am currently in an RN program, and I am wondering if this will be a problem for me getting licensed.

    • When you apply for a nursing license, you need to read the questions and answer all questions completely and honestly. If you have former convictions, you should attach a certified copy of the conviction with your application and attach a short explanation of the facts that lead to the incident. I would be glad to discuss possible sanction the Nursing Board may take. Please call my office to discuss.

  3. I have a neighbor that has been convicted of hit and run,drunk and disorderly and O.V.I. and is still working as a nurse. My question is how does she even has a nursing license?

    • Nurses are required to notify the Nursing Board on their renewal application of any convictions. The Court will also often notify the Board if a nurse has been convicted of a crime. If the nurse fails to disclose, the Board can take an action against a nurse for falsification on a renewal application. If a nurse has been convicted of numerous crimes, it is likely that at some point they will face discipline by the Nursing Board.

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